Transhumanism is Marxism with computers

Transhumanism is a new form of Marxism.

I don’t mean that as glowing praise, if you had any doubts. Marxism and transhumanism share a common belief about man’s relationship to nature. Since humans already create nature, we have a duty and obligation to rebuild nature as we see fit.

This is an incredibly dangerous doctrine, and in this piece I want to expand on that idea.

The other day I wrote a short post introducing transhumanism.

Transhumanist people tricks
Transhumanism is silly. Silliness won’t stop the true believers from doing their best to remake your life in its image. Life since 2020 has taught us all that lesson. Even though “mind uploads” are more fantastic than any ideas that came from Tolkien’s pen, some of the most

If you haven’t read it or don’t want to, the short summary is that transhumanists believe that human beings have an obligation to dominate all of nature, including human beings. For your own good. Okay, for “the greater good”, which somehow manages to forget about the actual people who have to suffer so that the spreadsheets add up.

This process starts with our genes, our brains, and our living bodies.

How does this connect to Marxism?

Glad you asked.