The so-called business "leaders" in NZ

You know how they say not to be impressed by status and rank, but look at results?

Here's some embarrassing drool from one embarrassing fool amongst the class of Auckland's much-vaunted (by themselves) business leadership:

And finally, I haven't addressed the concurrent infodemic, the pandemic of disinformation, or antivaxxers. They're still potentially quite dangerous because they give the virus an opportunity to replicate.

That info-demic is going to last forever, that's a function of social media and a warped appetite for the absurd.

Whilst most of the rabid infodemic disciples are harmless, it is important that Government, health services, businesses large and small, and local body regulators make the life of these non-conformists untenable. Deny them the right to anything useful: travel, shopping, socialising, events, to play sport, even a visit to the local park.

If they don't want to be safe members of the society in which we live, they must relinquish their rights to enjoy the things we take for granted in a healthy functioning society.

This is not a leader. This is not leadership.

This is a spineless cowardice from a trembling blob of a human who is either on the government's payroll, or so legitimately stupid that he cannot process the reality happening around him.

Either way – nothing remotely leader-like, neither noun nor adjective, is found here in this fear-driven paean to technocracy.

Not a single word of this vomitous agitprop recognizes the profound difference between The Science™ that so many leftists, progressive, and other authoritarians have ass-kissed for the last two years, and the values, dare I say the good, of the people.

That there is a virus that poses a danger (vastly overstated as that danger is) is not in question. Nor should the many therapeutic options for treating those who are in a genuine risk group be downplayed.

But, to confuse those facts-of-the-matter with a political course of action, or with these stern finger-wagging ethical judgments that "OMG you are risking the safety of others", does not follow.

Facts don't dictate politics, not unless you live in a chickenshit Clown World outfit where medical decree is law because the fat idiots in your society are so disengaged that they respond to no stimulus short of a punch in the face.

Mr. Jelly Spine, a great leader among the insensate slime, has no awareness of this. Like all halfwits who stumble into the status of kinda, sorta, medium-sized fish in NZ's small pond, he's there more in spite of himself than because of any real accomplishments.

You can be a somebody and still be a useful idiot.

The gaping sucking wound in Leo's panicked non-argument is that the vaccines do not work as advertised.

The absolute best you can say about them is that for some brief window of time, months at best, there is a reduction of risk to the infected. Who, almost without exception, are already old, fat, or ill.

That's it.

There's no miracle cure, there's no stopping infection, it doesn't prevent transmission. It won't and never could eliminate the virus no matter how often the brainlets repeat the brain-hacking slogans handed down to them from behavioral engineering think-tanks.

The failure of the vaccines is no longer a theoretical argument.

While most of Northern Europe, United Kingdom included, is highly vaccinated with > 70% of the eligible population marked down as "fully protected", cases are running out of control and panicking bureaucrats are steadily inching closer to the Stalin Option.

We don't need a theoretical argument to show this when the empirical facts on the ground tell you everything you need to know.

The vaccine doesn't work.

The conspiracy minded are rubbing their hands with glee. At this point, who in their right, media-untainted, minds could blame them?

You aren't keeping anyone safe.

Which makes mandates, the Gesundheitspass, and the cluck-clucking of the busybodies who insist on turning a medical choice into a moral failure less than useless.

But this leader, so brave and courageous as to recite Pfizer's marketing brochures, figures he'll fix that with more of the bullying that's already gotten everyone rightly wondering if a free midnight trip to the gulag isn't in the wings.

Everything he believes is trash and he is a person of low character.

The only upside is that reality has a way of catching up with trash of low character.

When you can no longer tell monumental, world-historical incompetence and hubris from malice, there may no longer be a difference.

Evil and stupid are not mutually exclusive.