How they lie to you and make you love it in 4 simple steps

Our leaders may be idiots but their handlers understand persuasion at scale.

The bad cat speaks of propagandistic praxis:

it seems to run in the same 4 stages: (where X is an objectionable idea)

  1. we are not going to do X
  2. we are not doing X
  3. we are doing X but only a little and only for some specific reason
  4. we have always done X because X is good.

once you see this construction as an abstract, you’ll see it everywhere in practice.

Remember back in 2020 when the restrictions were only to buy time until we had a vaccine?

Remember before that when it was just two weeks to flatten the curve?

Remember today, when they told you that actually, having to show a vaccine passport to participate in public life was perfectly normal?

We're all being lied to, and you're letting them lie to you.