A honest man's writing in your inbox

How much of that do you get anyway?

A (mostly) daily email column complaining about the nerds in charge

They deserve my moaning. All of it.

"A pretty good writer, even if you do complain all the time..."
– a devoted reader

A pretty good writer, he says.

I'll be taking that as an actual compliment rather than the back-handed cousin it was meant to be.

As if complaining all the time were a character flaw or something.

Why an "email column" rather than a newsletter?

Everybody and their cousin's sister's roommate has a newsletter.

Like blogging in 2010, they're springing up like weeds...

... most of them won't last more than a few posts before the writer gives up out of boredom and frustration

... few are worth reading because only a shockingly small percentage will back their writing with the sweat equity to become accomplished

... and they just aren't that fun to read.

I don't want to read the inane thoughts of boring urban hipsters recycling inane topics on endless shuffle

No offense. I guess.

I just have a low tolerance for people whose cultural horizons are limited to what's trending on Twitter and Silicon Valley tech-nerd ideology.

This is an email column because I sit here at my desk in a chief's hat pretending that I'm working a bustling editorial office, like there's a deadline for the Friday afternoon edition.

What do I write about?

A little ethics, a dash of social and political philosophy. Creativity, mastery, inner freedom. Existential questions and the impotence of science to answer questions of genuine meaning and value.  Behavioral science and its weaponization against the public. The reptile people in charge of the global financial system and monetary policy.

You know. Stuff.

Here's what's in it for you:

  • A (mostly) daily email hand-written from me to you.
  • Said email will be entertaining and worth the three minutes it takes to read, at least 3 times out of four. (You won't get odds like that from Vegas!)
  • My intensely funny yet dry sarcastic sense of humor. I'm so funny you might be too out of breath to laugh.

Honestly I'm so proud of myself after writing that that I'm not even sure I should let you subscribe.

I mean, if you really want to.

I guess you can.

But don't make me regret it.

I don't want to hear any complaining though.